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ARIS - Modelling and Configuration Training

Customised or Standard, Structured ARIS Process Design Training

Basic process modelling using the ARIS Business Designer including...

  • Use of Value Added Chain Diagrams, Event Driven Process Chain Diagrams and Functional Allocation Diagrams and other standard model types
  • Database structure and modelling conventions
  • Models, Objects and the use of attributes
  • Connectors and connection relationships
  • Rule operators and correct usage,
  • Demonstrations and examples
  • Definitions and naming conventions
  • Available standard reports and content meanings
  • Semantic checking of models
  • Process Levels
  • Process Interfaces and linking of processes / models
  • Usage of the Designer Tool with tips and insights to successful modelling

Advanced process modelling using the ARIS Business Architect (usually one-to-one) including...

  • User administration, users and groups
  • Use of object consolidation
  • Setup and maintenance of Object Libraries
  • Backup and Restoring an ARIS database
  • Setup of Design Templates
  • Setup of Method Filters
  • Configuration of personalised Semantic Checks
  • ...and lots more!

Ad-hoc training, e.g. BPMN swim lane modelling, End to End process modelling techniques, etc.

Lanyon BPM can provide training on standard ARIS process modelling, however by working with us on your site and involving Lanyon BPM in the initial systems setup we can do a lot more to assist your process journey. We can customise the training so that it uses your own methods,  templates and modelling conventions, we can mentor the person/s that you will entrust with the up-keep of the database and we can work with your teams during the design phase of your project to ensure that quality and standards are maintained.