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ARIS - Standards, Conventions, Methods and Template


Lanyon BPM Consulting provide assistance to businesses who have purchased the ARIS platform and are about to start on their process journey. ARIS is a modelling tool that has the capability of enforcing modelling standards by use of the Method Filter and the appearence of your models via the Template defined, however the configuration of both of these requires some in-depth knowledge of the product and preferably some experience of using ARIS practically.


One of the benefits of the ARIS product is the facility to control the usable content of the product to enable you to set the design standards used in your company, with standards for people to follow this will ensure that everyone will be able to read your process maps within your company.

Semantic Checks

One of the ways to find out if your process have been correctly modelled is to use the ARIS tool to check the models for you, this can be done using the sematic checking cabability. A number of pre-built checks are available in the product and you can configure your own 'set' of checks that cover your modelling standards.

Method Filters

The ARIS toolset supports the process design lifecycle and has 200+ model types for describing the complete business enterprise. Using the method filter you can limit... models, objects, connectors, relationships and symbols available for the modellers so that you are able to set your corporate standards using the ARIS tool to ensure everyone sticks to the company method.


With ARIS you are able to set the template used for each new model, this will retain the look and feel of the models and allow you to set the colour, size and look of your objects. 
Configuration Training 
Most people can these days pick-up the rudiments of using new software tools out-of-the-box BUT configuring products and setting standards and procedures does usually require some in-depth knowledge and mentoring, why not ask Lanyon BPM to assist?