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Project Management


Lanyon BPM have many years of IT related project management practical experience and expertise to offer and we have Prince2® up-to-date Practitioner accreditation. Of course very few projects use all aspects of Prince2®, however it is an expectation that you will customise its usage for each project as every project is different in some way.

What is Prince2® you might ask... PRINCE2® (Projects IN Controlled Environments), is a widely used project management method that navigates you through all the essentials for running a successful project. Of course your project does not need to be IT related in order to use the methodology.

Use of Best Practise in managing projects is always desirable, your project may not need all the rigour of a formal methodology but if the project manger employs best practise then you will have more confidence of success.

BPM Software Development and Implementation Projects

Because development can de achieved in discrete segments when using BPM execution engine software this further enables the use of Agile or Iterative development, in turn this keeps the user/customer involved a lot more and this helps to ensure that the development matches expectations. Of course you need to manage a BPM development project carefully as the versatile nature of developing applications using many of the leading BPM products, coupled with an enthusiastic end user, can also encourage scope-creep and therefore additional development cost.

General Project Management

Whatever your project may be... good management is essential for success, as a 'project' is inherently a temporary environment or undertaking it does not always make sense to employ permanent staff to run your project/s, Why not use Lanyon BPM to manage your next project?

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