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About Lanyon BPM

At Lanyon BPM we have a pragmatic, practical and solution focused style which gets the job done. We maintain a clear focus on the end state, allowing change plans to flex and adapt effectively and sympathetically to business and commercial realities and priorities.

Mike Lanyon the founder and owner of Lanyon BPM Consulting has over 15 years of BPM experience and overall more than 38 years working in Information Technology in a variety of senior roles. He is a certified Prince2® Practitioner and Member of the Institute of Management Information Systems (MIMIS).

An experienced, professional and highly motivated business consultant with a strong track record of successful client engagements and project implementation. Mike has led challenging BPM project assignments across a broad range of sectors and takes great pride in the high quality of his work to ensure that he meets or exceeds client requirements and expectations. He particularly benefits from having worked across the project implementation spectrum and operates comfortably in both business and technical environments, always seeking to ensure that the two are aligned. He is especially concerned to ensure that business change, whether it is primarily driven by technology, people or process, is thoroughly prepared for across an organisation to ensure smooth implementation and benefits realisation.

Lanyon BPM Consulting also have a number of associates that we can draw upon to augment and assist in providing the BPM solution that fits your business profile. We have hands-on experience of a number of BPM applications and tools so our advice is based on solid principles and practical application, not just theory.

"If you can capture and draw or model your process,

you can see where to improve it!"