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Professional BPA & BPM Services  

BPA - Business Process Analysis

By analysing your AS-IS processes graphically you can document process/procedure for employees and possibly see areas for improvement, you may find that what you thought was the process is not what is actually being put into practice. Lanyon BPM provide professional process modelling and design review services.  

BPM - Process Control  

Business Process Management software can be used to drive business process by enforcing business rules and workflow in a consistent manner. Do you know which BPM product is the right one for your business? 

Business Process Implementation  

Okay, you have chosen your BPM software and you have some in-house developers BUT other than a training course they have probably never used the software before or developed and implemented BPM applications, why not use an expert as a mentor on-site, ask Lanyon BPM to provide such a person.   

BPM Project Management  

Project Management of a BPM driven project is not like a normal or should I say typical waterfall project. BPM software lends itself to a more agile approach that involves the business much more and therefore achieves results that more closely match the business perceived requirements. Lanyon BPM have practical experience of BPM Project Management and (should your require it) we have up to date Prince2® Practitioner certification.

ARIS™ Process Modelling 

Process modelling support and training can be provided, plus training and assistance with the configeration of your customisation of design, methods and standards.

Document Imaging and Workflow - General Insurance Claims

Mike Lanyon has some 9 years experience of supporting, developing, maintaining and improving a mission critical BPM based Insurance Claims System. If you are considering introducing a case managment system based on workflow or BPM technology with document scanning and routing then Lanyon BPM have years of expertise to offer.

Lanyon BPM Consulting Ltd  

If you can capture and draw or model your process,  

you can see where to improve it!