Lanyon BPM Consulting Ltd
 Process Improvement - by Design


ARIS™ - Process Driven SAP


Lanyon BPM Consulting provide outstanding support and training on ARIS modelling tools, we can advise on business process management for implementation and development of the traceability of the architecture to business requirements.

We also provide expertise on the ARIS methodology and ARIS toolset, advise the client and on best practices and approaches to Enterprise Synchronisation with ARIS Business Architecture for SAP, advise on the architecture and business process design and guide the implementation of ARIS and the development of ARIS models/objects in association with SAP Solution Manager, its content structure and objects.

Lanyon BPM will lead the process design activity within one or more work streams simultaneously working with both on shore and off shore teams where applicable to clearly understand and articulate the process, including manual and automated steps and additional process features (e.g. Measures, Risks, etc.), together with conversion and adaption, of any existing non-ARIS process maps into structured process models where appropriate.

The above may also include:

·         Work with the project team to develop the process documentation standards, training and support toolkits.

·          Assistance in the identification and documentation of current AS-IS Directorate processes and subsequent development of appropriate and effective monitoring process to enable the company to suitably maintain processes.

·          Assistance in the preparation of realistic process delivery timescales

·          Work with internal managers and staff to deliver documented processes on time to agreed standards

·          Monitor process documentation progress, ensuring project deadlines are met and issues escalated to the project manager at the earliest opportunity.

·          Prepare monthly progress updates for the project team.

·          Provide an advisory resource for all managers and staff with regard to process matters, including documentation standards, and ARIS software usage matters.

·          Develop and maintain effective and efficient administration processes to support staff and the aims of the As-Is process documentation project.

·          Assist in the setup of the ARIS Method and Governance, including creation of training material and delivery of standard modelling training to audiences at various levels.

·          Perform manual and automated model validation routines to ensure model correctness and robustness and provide methodological and substantive quality assurance of peer produced process models.