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So what is all this BPM about?

Most businesses today believe that they should invest in *BPM*, but many do not know where to start or who to talk to!

Lanyon BPM Consulting have many years experience working in a variety of environments assisting companies with their business process journey.

Where do you start with BPM?

There are a multitude of BPA and BPM software tools and methodologies in today's marketplace, vendors will all tell you that their product and their methodology is the best for you, so how do you know who to choose?

Answer - Ask Lanyon BPM!

Lanyon BPM Consulting is totally independent and can advise on software selection based on each company’s needs, technology base and budget.

Do I need to automate my process?

Answer - Possibly, although sometimes just by modelling your business processes you can see potential for improvement.

If your manually controlled business process is poor then automating it will just mean that you now have an automated poor process!

Typical Process Analysis and Improvement Techniques:

Most professional process analysts will utilise a simple but effective reengineering cycle, the secret is to review the design or software development with the customer at regular intervals. Agile methods generally promote a disciplined project management process that encourages frequent inspection and adaptation.

BPA Many start with Process Analysis or Process Modelling, clearly by documenting your process in this way you can make a start in understanding and then agreeing change.

LEAN™ Process techniques can be helpful to remove waste from your processes, but beware just because an activity has low value doesn’t mean you can ditch it every time.

Six Sigma is a business management strategy originally developed by Motorola, USA in 1981. As of 2010, it enjoys widespread application in many sectors of industry, although its application is not without controversy.

BPM Tools and software suites, there are numerous analysis and control software suites available in today's marketplace, this link will list some of the ones listed by Gartner, do please note that Lanyon BPM Consulting do not endorse any products we are totally software neutral.

Lanyon BPM Consulting have experience of BPM project management on development projects utilising Waterfall (typically Prince II) and Agile techniques, covering a variety of the top BPM Software tools.